Gather together in a small group with generations of women from Lourdes as we study St. John Paul II's teachings on the Feminine Genius, and experience the joy of community. Through lively discussion, and the sharing of our lives, we will uncover the truth of every woman's inherent dignity and vocation. If you would like to join a group or would like more information fill out the form and we will contact you!

ENDOW, Educating on the Nature and Dignity of Women

Moms' Group

This is a group that welcomes all moms at Lourdes, to commune with fellow women of God. Here, you will find a solid support system, while enriching your knowledge of Christ and the mother's role as the true spiritual leaders of the family.

Mothers are encouraged to rotate snacks and drinks for each gathering. Get involved, here. (LINK)

Women aged 55 and older are invited to join our Friendly Group Bible Study, which meets monthly in St. Bernadette's Meeting Room.

Each month, the ladies of the Friendly Group arrange a sack lunch get together, or potlucks on special occasions. Keep your eyes on the bulletin for details about each upcoming meeting, including what readings to review, and what food to bring.
Get involved, here. (LINK)

Friendly Group

Lourdes dinner club

Are you looking to meet other parishioners? Do you want to grow in your faith? Sign up for the Lourdes Dinner Club! You will be matched in a small group of young adults, married with children, and senior parishioners, to enjoy a night of faith, fellowship, and dinner, once every other month. Throughout the year, there are four dinners, an Advent party, and a summer picnic with the children. Childcare can be arranged through a list of trusted babysitters. Email dadinipso12@gmail.com to join. Include your name, your spouse's name (if applicable), home address, phone number, and email.


Knights of columbus

Join the KoC in their dynamic local council, and support the church, school, and family through programs and insurance. Live in solidarity with our priests and deacons, with our completely Catholic outlook and mission. Defend life, and support the preservation of American freedom. Oh, and make some friends and have some fun (and an occasional beer) along the way.

The Knights of Columbus is a Catholic fraternal benefit society, originally founded to help families of widows or widowers whose primary income earner passed away unexpectedly. The Knights was formed to render financial aid to members and their families. Since its original founding, the KoC (as you will come to know it) has grown extraordinarily, and now offers mutual aid and assistance to disabled, sick, and needy members and their families. The KoC is founded on four essential principles: charity, unity, fraternity, and patriotism.

Contact Gary Salvucci at 303-921-1257, and get involved, today!