Liturgical Ministries


Parish ministries and Lourdes Classical, Home, & School committees are uniting to streamline efforts and increase volunteer opportunities! The newly combined effort will include the following subgroups:

  • Liturgical Ministries

    • Lector-Audition Needed

    • Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion

    • Visiting the Sick & Homebound

    • Usher

    • Liturgical Décor

    • Shrine Circle Ministry

    • Altar Servers-Boys Only

    • Music Ministry-Audition Needed

  • Hospitality Ministry
  • Parish & School Events
  • Parents in Prayer Ministry

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A Church which is family is also able to show the closeness and love of a father ... a Church of children who see themselves as brothers and sisters, will never end up considering anyone simply as a burden, a problem, an expense, a concern or a risk. Other persons are essentially a gift, and always remain so, even when they walk different paths. The Church is an open house, far from outward pomp, hospitable in the simplicity of her members. … This Church can indeed light up the darkness felt by so many men and women. She can credibly point them towards the goal and walk at their side, precisely because she herself first experienced what it is to be endlessly reborn in the merciful heart of the Father.
— Pope Francis