“Parents are the principal teachers who prepare their children to receive the sacraments, and this requires parents to know and love the faith.”
— Archbishop Samuel J. Aquila

Confirmation 2016-17: for grades 3, 4, & 5

As Archbishop Aquila initiated the process for restoring the order of the sacraments, Our Lady of Lourdes began the process in 2015 by confirming 5th-7th graders.  And by confirming 3rd-5th graders this year, we will be on track to implement the fully restored order by 2017-18 with Confirmation and First Communion in 3rd grade.  You can learn much more about this initiative here.

The first step is to register!  Click the following link to download and print the registration form.  Registration is due by September 29 in the office (parish office for parishioners, school office for school families).  Baptismal Certificate must be turned in with the form.

Important Dates:

Sept. 29 Registration Due

Jan. 17 Online Assignment Due (Parents):  Saints Among Us

Feb. 6 Sponsor Form due to the school office.

March 23 Confirmation Rehearsal  5:30 P.M. at Our Lady of Lourdes (for candidates, and sponsors if possible)

March 24 CONFIRMATION 7:00 P.M. Mass at Our Lady of Lourdes