"The Church is communio; she is God's communing with men in Christ and hence the communing of men with one another." 

~ Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger ~

what is RCIA?

RCIA, the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults, is the program of catechesis for individuals who are discerning or have decided to enter as members of the Catholic Church. It's not just a program, but the ancient tradition by which men and women join the Church. Beyond an opportunity for the candidate to get all the answers to their questions about the Church, it is a chance to grow in relationship with Christ and come to a greater understanding of the Christian life God meant for us to live. Even if you're not ready to become Catholic, but want answers, RCIA is a great place to get them. If you have more questions or want to sign up, submit your information on the form below and Brittany Brown (rcialourdes@gmail.com) will be in contact with you!

What is the Catholic Church? 

This would be a hard question for most Catholics to answer, yet it is a question that is often raised. What does the Church claim to be? And what role does she play in the history of humanity? 

The better question may be who is the Catholic Church, for which there are many answers. The Catholic Church is Bride of Christ, the Body of Christ, the community of Christians living so as to be holy, or set apart from the world. The Church was founded by Jesus Christ himself when he died on the cross, and he gave her life at his resurrection. In short, the Church is how Christ chose to continue his mission of salvation after he ascended into heaven. The Church is called to draw humanity back to its Creator, back to love and eternal life. 

The Catechism of the Catholic Church (CCC 830) states:

“The Church established by Christ on the foundation of the Apostles, possessing the fullness of the means of salvation which he has willed: correct and complete confession of faith, full sacramental life, and ordained ministry in apostolic succession”

She is called to draw humanity back through her ministries, which were given to her by Jesus. She possesses the ministry of seven sacraments which further unite God to His people and He offers this unity to everyone. This is a short and incomplete answer to an excellent question! RCIA is the place to come and better understand Jesus Christ and his bride, the Catholic Church. 

If you are interested in RCIA, please Sign Up for the program and we would love to have you! If you want some more information before signing up, please fill out the Inquiry Form and we will be in contact with you as soon as possible. 

When? Every Wednesday, from 6:30–8:00 PM, starting Wednesday, September 12, through May 2018. A class schedule will be given at the first class! Please arrive 5 minutes early every class to encourage a prompt start at 6:30 PM. 

Where? Our Lady of Lourdes School Gym, 2200 S. Logan St. Denver, CO 80210  (This is the same place where mass is currently held while the church is under renovation). Please park on Iliff, walk up the ally and take a left between the aluminum fence and the grotto. A neon sign will be posted to help with directions on the first night of class.

Who is invited? All adults (18 and older) are welcome—those seeking to become Catholic, those seeking the sacrament of Confirmation, those exploring the Catholic faith, non-practicing Catholics, practicing Catholics, etc. RCIA is a great place to learn about the faith for the first time or be renewed in your faith. You do not need to be sure about joining the Catholic Church to attend class. We can cross that bridge together when it comes, but in the meantime, come check it out! 

What should I bring? There is no need to bring anything! We will provide a notebook and pen for you.

Food? Light snacks will provided at every class. If you ever feel compelled to bring a snack to share, please do.  Also, please feel free to bring your individual dinner/snack to eat during class as well. 

Tests? Homework? Cost? No, no, and no! :) 

Expectations Overview? If you are seriously considering or have already made the decision to become Catholic, or are seeking the sacrament of Confirmation, we expect nearly 100% attendance of weekly RCIA classes, as well as a sincere effort to attend weekly 11 AM Sunday Mass at Lourdes, where the RCIA class sits together in the front, right-hand side of the church (starting Dec 2018). We will go more in depth with this topic at the first class. 

RCIA Teacher? Classes are taught by Our Lady of Lourdes pastor, Fr. Brian Larkin, who is an incredible, down-to-earth, funny and authentic man. He has a dynamic style of teaching that really draws people in, and truly fosters a passion for the faith. 

Childcare will be provided by volunteers for every class, and is for children who are potty-trained through Kindergarten. Childcare location on church campus is still TBD, but will be made obvious with signs on the first day of class. Please drop child(ren) off by 6:25 PM. 

Religious Ed / RCIC (Rite of Christian Initiation of Children) For children (1st through 8th grade) who wish to enter the church, or are in need of additional sacraments, we invite them to attend Lourdes' Religious Education program (which will count for catechism needed to participate in sacraments for Easter/confirmation).  For more information regarding this program, please visit http://www.lourdesdenver.org/about-childrens-catechism and contact  familyfaithformation@gmail.com.  

Parents who have children outside of 1st–8th grade are encouraged to contact Lauren Eller, RCIA Coordinator, for alternative resources (as Our Lady of Lourdes does not currently offer RCIC-specific classes for older children at this time). 

If you have any questions whatsoever, please contact: Lauren Eller, at: rcialourdes@gmail.com

We are really excited about this year, and look forward to walking on the RCIA journey with you!